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Industrial Pretreatment

Industrial Pretreatment addresses the protection of Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) facilities from industrial process wastewater discharges that can upset, inhibit or pass through the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

WWTPs are designed to treat only domestic wastewater (e.g., from household bathrooms and kitchens). Industrial wastewater can reduce a WWTP's effectiveness to the point that the POTW can no longer meet its permit limits which are in place to protect water quality standards.

In Oklahoma, industries are regulated by the DEQ Industrial Pretreatment Program in one of two ways. Some are regulated by the local municipality through a State-approved Pretreatment Program. Others are regulated by an Indirect Discharge Permit in cases where the municipality does not have a State-approved Pretreatment Program or is not required to develop one.

Those industries not regulated under a municipality's State-approved Pretreatment Program are regulated under the umbrella of the State Pretreatment Program operated by DEQ.

For questions about Industrial Pretreatment, please contact Roshini Nambiar.