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The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality’s

School Chemical Disposal Program


Application for School Cleanup Programupdated

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The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality is launching the Oklahoma School Chemical Disposal Program. The School Chemical Disposal Program is a one-time service to Oklahoma public schools to remove unused, outdated, and potentially dangerous chemicals from school laboratories across the state and provide an opportunity for schools to safely dispose of their unwanted chemical inventory at no cost to the school. The goal of this program is to create a safer laboratory environment for students, teachers, and other staff members and to prevent any laboratory chemical disasters.

This program is provided by DEQ’s Site Cleanup Assistance Program and Pollution Prevention (P2).


Letter to schools

Electronic Brochureupdated

How to fill out your chemical inventory spreadsheet


Steps to Prepare for a School Chemical Inventory or Disposal

For questions and to submit your application for the program, please email:

Trenton R. Wilhelm or Katrina Pollard


Resources for Chemical Management in School Labs

• OSHA’s How-to create a Chemical Hygiene Plan

Template for a Chemical Inventory for each lab

• Instructions for creating a Chemical Inventory

For additional resources, please see DEQ’s Pollution Prevention Program Website


These pages last modified October 12, 2017

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