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Land Protection Division
Voluntary Cleanup Program

The Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) provides a means for private parties and government entities to voluntarily investigate and, if warranted, clean up properties that may be contaminated. VCP utilizes a negotiated process for site activities. Sites in the VCP generally have the option to enter the Brownfields Program if the participant requests. VCP includes sites ranging from old oil refineries with multiples sources of contamination that affect hundreds of acres to sites less than an acre with a single source of contamination.

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Voluntary Cleanup Program


VCP Program


VCP Sites

VCP Sites Map

VCP Cleanup Status new
VCP Information

VCP Participant Intake Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Fact Sheets/Key Policies

Bioremediation of Excavated Petroleum Contaminated Soil

Site Cleanup Using Risk-Based Decision Making

Risk Based Cleanup Levels for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH)

Ground Water Modeling

Procedures for the Remediation of Diesel & Gasoline Spills

Monitored Natural Attenuation

Vapor Intrusion

Groundwater Cleanup FAQs

Gallery of VCP Sites

Blackwell Zinc

Ringling Fuel Spill

Duncan Refinery

Okmulgee Refinery

Collinsville Soil Program

Collinsville Smelter

Cushing Refinery

Former Transcontinental Refinery

Rab Valley new

Site Summaries
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