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Going Solar

The Air Quality Division has installed a 10.5 kW solar array at our Oklahoma City North monitoring site.
The array consists of 35 LG 300 watt solar panels that are ground-mounted and grid-tied. It will generate approximately 16,280 kWh per year. Click here to see a time lapse construction video.

Why this site?

Monitoring sites are small field laboratories. The division operates more than two dozen air pollution monitoring sites across the state's 77 counties. The labs house pollutant monitoring equipment, computers, and meteorological instruments that require a controlled environment to produce consistent, reliable data that are comparable to sites in other states across the country. The Oklahoma City North site has been in the same location for 35 years. It records some of the highest concentrations of ozone in Oklahoma because it is downwind of Oklahoma City where prevailing southerly winds carry emissions from city traffic and local industry. It is one of our largest sites with the greatest demand for power.

20% x 2020

In 2012, the governor signed the 20% x 2020 legislation as part of her Oklahoma First Energy Plan in an effort to reduce overall state spending and free-up resources for core government services.

Though monitoring sites are not part of the 20% x 2020 plan, this new solar array will lower the electric bill at the OKC North site by reducing the amount of electricity pulled from the power grid. The array is expected to produce approximately 75% of the power the site requires. There are no batteries to store power at the site, power is fed directly into the grid.


The solar array performance is monitored and posted to a web site. The dashboard shows the power produced along with the environmental benefits of producing power through the solar array.

Only the beginning . . .

The division has also installed a smaller scale solar-powered monitoring station at the Myriad Gardens in downtown Oklahoma City. The station is designed as a Village Green park bench that will sit in the Children's Garden. It will monitor ozone and fine particulate matter. The Village Green Project is funded through a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Page last updated: March 1, 2017


Solar Energy at OKC North


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