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Oklahoma Clean Diesel


Frequently Asked Questions

What if an applicant wishes to fund an alternative fuel vehicle project?

Only diesel and gasoline powered school bus replacements are eligible under the Clean Diesel Program. Funding for alternative fuel school bus projects is only available under the Alternative Fuel School Bus Program.

Which program should a school district apply for if they are replacing an old diesel bus with a new diesel or gasoline bus?

If a school district received a grant under the last round of funding, are they eligible to apply again?

Yes. Having successfully completed the FY17 Clean Diesel Program does not disqualify an applicant or impact an applicant's score.

If an applicant had late completion of their FY17 Clean Diesel Program project, it may negatively impact their application score for FY18 funding, but their application will not be disqualified.

If an applicant has already replaced buses, would the grant cover those costs?

No. Per Section IV.A in the RFP, "Subgrant recipient must execute the MOA with DEQ and receive a written work commencement notification before any work on the project is started. Any funds spent by the subgrant recipient before official notification will not be reimbursed."

Who is eligible for the Oklahoma Clean Diesel Program?

  • Any entity is eligible for exhaust control retrofits.

  • School districts that transport students in pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade are eligible for school bus replacements.

Does the replaced bus have to be in active service?

Yes. Eligible buses must be early attrition projects. Per Section II.B in the RFP, "All eligible replacement projects must be early attrition projects. Early attrition refers to a project where a vehicle is replaced before that vehicle is scheduled to be replaced. For the purposes of this grant, any vehicle that is due to be replaced, scheduled to be replaced, or has a life expiration date before September 30, 2022 is considered to be normal attrition and therefore not eligible for FY 2018 Oklahoma Clean Diesel Grant Program funds."

Can an applicant submit projects for both the Oklahoma Clean Diesel Program and the Alternative Fuel School Bus Program?

Yes. Awards may potentially be granted under both programs, but only if the projects are separate and do not affect the same eligible buses.

Page last updated: November 16, 2018

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