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Water Variance Request

DEQ has developed new regulations on water reuse. However, technology and additional requests for use of reuse water is always evolving. When the need arises DEQ relies on a variance process to review projects outside the scope of DEQ regulations.

The variance process is outlined in 252:656-3-7 under the title – “Variances from Construction Standards.” The variance process encourages better wastewater treatment methods and equipment, (including new technology).

DEQ may approve processes or equipment not specifically covered by the standards in Chapter 656 provided the permittee requests a variance. A variance from the standards in this Chapter may be allowed if the DEQ finds the variance will not increase the likelihood of a system failure.

If you are interested in discussing your project to determine if a variance may be required, please contact Rocky Chen, Manager of our Water Quality Division's Construction Permitting Section, at 405-702-8100.