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Individual and Small Public Onsite Sewage Treatment Systems Fees

Certified Installer Application Packet (PDF)

2019 Initial/Upgrade lnstaller Certification Classes


Certified Installer Program

The Environmental Complaints and Local Services Division (ECLS) has administered the Certified Installer Program since November 1, 1998. This program certifies septic system installers to inspect their own installations. The installers can install a system, perform the inspection, complete the final backfill and grading and leave the site without a DEQ inspection.

Individuals may become certified for types of systems. The systems are conventional/shallow extended/evapotranspiration-absorption (CSE), lagoons, low pressure dosing, aerobic treatment with spray irrigation, and aerobic treatment with drip irrigation.

DEQ License/Certification Procedures

New Rules effective July 1, 2012.


Certified Installer Listing

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The following is a list of duties and responsibilities required for certified installers.

  • Insure that an Authorization to Construct has been issued before construction begins.

  • Prior to construction, notify the local DEQ Office of the time, date, and location of the installation.

  • Submit an accurate, completed DEQ form number 641-576A or 641-576S (final inspection) to the local DEQ office within ten (10) working days after the work has been completed.

  • Systems are to be installed according to Chapter 641.

  • Maintain records of all systems installed.

DEQ Form numbers 641-576A and 641-576S are not official unless signed by a DEQ representative.


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For more information about the Oklahoma Certified Installers Association, please click on the link below.

Oklahoma Certified Installers Association (exit DEQ)


Questions? Call (405) 702-6100.


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