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Groundwater Aquifer Maps

This project provides computer-generated maps of water quality data for the major aquifers in Oklahoma.

Maps were generated for Total Dissolved Solids, Sulfates and Nitrates. The data came from an ambient monitoring effort begun by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality two years ago and from historical public water supply well data.

There are sets of maps for bedrock and alluvial aquifers. Some aquifers lacked adequate data to support the creation of maps.

The maps are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files.


  1. These maps are computer generated. Contours were edited for clarity.
  2. All the wells used in preparing these maps are public water supply wells. Public water supply wells must meet certain standards for construction and quality of water. Using public water supply wells may influence indicated water quality.
  3. Wells used do not provide complete geographic coverage of the aquifers.
  4. Well depth was not used to select wells. Well depth may influence water quality.
  5. Some wells are completed in more than one aquifer.
  6. Water quality may vary widely in any given aquifer.
  7. Contour lines provide an indication of water quality and are not absolute indicators of quality.
  8. These maps are for Total Dissolved Solids, Nitrate as Nitrogen and Sulfate from current monitoring and from historical data. Historical data is less reliable than current data but provides broader geographic coverage.
  9. Some aquifers lack enough data to create a contour map of concentrations.


Current Data

Current Alluvial Nitrates

Arkansas N
Canadian N
Cimarron Nitrate
Enid Terrace Nitrate
N Canadian NO3
N Fork Red Nitrate
Red River NO3
Salt Fork Nitrate
Washita Nitrate

Current Alluvial Sulfates

Arkansas SO4
Canadian SO4
Cimarron SO4
Enid Terrace Sulfate
N Fork Red Sulfate
N Canadian Sulfate
Red River SO4
Salt Fork Sulfate
Washita SO4

Current Alluvial TDS

Arkansas TDS
Canadian TDS
Cimarron TDS
Enid Terrace TDS
N Canadian TDS
N Fork Red TDS
Red River TDS
Salt Fork TDS
Washita TDS

Current Bedrock Nitrates

Antlers N
Arbuckle-Simpson N
Cedar Hills Nitrate
Elk City N
Garber-Wellington Nitrate
Large Oscar NO3
Ogalalla Nitrate
Robidoux Nitrate
Rush Springs Nitrate
S Oscar Nitrate
Vamoosa Nitrate

Current Bedrock Sulfates

Antlers SO4
Arbuckle-Simpson SO4
Cedar Hills Sulfate
Elk City SO4
Garber-Wellington SO4
Large Oscar Sulfate
Ogalalla Sulfate
Robidoux Sulfate
Rush Springs Sulfate
S Oscar Sulfate
Vamoosa SO4

Current Bedrock TDS

Antlers TDS
Arbuckle-Simpson TDS
Cedar Hills TDS
Elk City TDS
Garber-Wellington TDS
Ogalalla TDS Countour Map
Oscar TDS
Robidoux TDS
Rush Springs TDS
S Oscar TDS
Vamoosa TDS

Historical Nitrate Data

Historical Alluvial Nitrate

h Arkansas Nitrate
h Canadian Nitrate
h Cimarron Nitrate
h Enid Terrace Nitrate
h N Canadian Nitrate
h N Fork Red Nitrate
h Red Nitrate
h Salt Fork Nitrate
h Washita Nitrate

Historical Bedrock Nitrate

h Antlers Nitrate
h Boone Nitrate
h Cedar Hills Nitrate
h Elk City Nitrate
h Garber-Wellington Nitrate
h Ogallala Nitrate
h Oscar Nitrate
h Robidoux Nitrate
h Vamoosa Nitrate

Historical Sulfate Data

Historical Alluvial Sulfate

h Arkansas Sulfate
h Canadian Sulfate
h Cimarron Sulfate
h Enid Terrace Sulfate
h N Canadian Sulfate
h N Fork Red Sulfate
h Red Sulfate
h Salt Fork Sulfate
h Washita Sulfate
Historical Bedrock Sulfate
h Antlers Sulfate
h Arbuckle-Simpson SO4
h Arbuckle-Timbered Hills SO4
h Boone Sulfate
h Cedar Hills Sulfate
h Garber-Wellington Sulfate
h Ogallala Sulfate
h Oscar Sulfate
h Robidoux Sulfate
h Rush Springs Sulfate
h Southern Oscar SO4
h Vamoosa Sulfate

Historical TDS Data

Historical Alluvial TDS

h Arkansas TDS
h Canadian TDS
h Cimarron TDS
h Enid Terrace TDS
h N Canadian
h N Fork Red TDS
h Red TDS
h Salt Fork TDS
h Washita TDS

Historical Bedrock TDS

h Antlers TDS
h Arbuckle-Timbered Hills TDS
h Arbuckle-Simpson TDS
h Boone TDS
h Cedar Hills TDS
h Elk City TDS
h Garber-Wellington TDS
h Ogallala TDS
h Oscar TDS
h Robidoux TDS
h Rush Springs TDS
h Vamoosa TDS