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Use solid wood, possibly recycled plastic wood, for home construction. Formaldehyde emissions from plywood and particleboard are indoor air polluters.*

You will be doing your best to control pollution from barbecuing if you light the coals with kindling instead of lighter fluid and avoid using self-lighting coals.* Even better, use a gas grill.

Plant trees. Trees absorb air contaminants and carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

Compost your leaves, grass and food waste instead of sending them to the landfill. Most natural garden wastes can be composted, thus yielding free fertilizer without polluting the air.

Tips for Ozone Alert Days:

--Carpool, ride the bus or a bicycle, walk.

--Trip-chain errands--combine as many as possible into a single trip; avoid rush hour.

--Avoid mowing lawns, using motor boats and running auto air conditioners.

--Avoid drive-through windows; park in the shade to reduce fuel evaporation.

--Refuel at night when it's "cool to refuel