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Environmental Education Programs, Publications and Resources

DEQ Environmental Education Contacts

Skylar McElhaney (405) 702-7167


Environmental Education Topic Activities
School and community presentations are available on a variety of topics* including:

Backyard composting

Waste reduction, recycling and buying recycled

Career days with an environmental focus

Worm composting (vermicomposting) for homes or classrooms

Common household pollutants and suggested safe alternatives

Current trends in solid waste management

Organizing, promoting and maintaining a school recycling program

Environmental economics

Risk assessment basics and risk-based remediation goals

Environmental project ideas for groups (community or school)

Environmental health-related issues for educators and medical professionals

*Other topics may also be available upon request

Publications (this list soon to be updated)

Recycling Fact Sheet: "Automotive Waste Recycling" (Statewide locations for disposal)

"Seventy-five Ways to Help Keep Oklahoma Beautiful"

"Safe Alternatives for Common Household Products" (Recipes for non-toxic cleaning products, bug repellents, etc.)

Fact Sheet: "Basics of Backyard Composting" (Why, what, where, when, how to compost)

Recycling Glossary (Definitions for recycling terms)

"Household Pollutant Inventory Sheet" (Checklist of the potentially harmful chemicals stored around the home)

"EnvironMentor "(Newsletter published for teachers, contains environmental resources and workshop opportunities)

Paper Recycling Fact Sheet: "DEQ Challenges You!"

Recycling: "Directory of Oklahoma Recyclers" (Statewide index of recycling collectors)

Recycling: Resources Packet (List of classroom materials, audio-visual aids, resources, periodicals, books, web sites, and contact names)

Recycling: "Overview of Oklahoma Recycling Industries" (List of companies using recycled commodities in manufacturing products)

"Let Worms Eat Your Garbage" (Worm composting /vermicomposting "how-to" for homes or classrooms)

"Make Every Day A Waste-Free Lunch Day" ("How to" guide for schools and groups)

Recycling Fact Sheet: "Do You Have 2 Minutes A Day?"

"How to Make Locker Cleanout an Environmental Event" ("How to" guide for schools)

"Successful Litter-Free Events" ("How to" guide for schools and groups)

Solid waste curriculum units* for grades K-8 (Interdisciplinary hands-on activities to develop cooperative problem-solving and decision-making skills; includes background information on topics)

Bookmarks: Stickers: Posters

How to make Every Day Waste Free Lunch Day brochure A Fishy Tale Story Book A Fishy Tale Coloring Book
Did You Know... (Water Activity book) Make Every Drop Count with the Water Wise Droplets Air Pollution Comic Book
Air Quality Coloring Book    
Environmental Education Grants

(1) Environmental education is the key element in protecting our natural resources and must become a priority in Oklahoma. In order to encourage teachers and youth leaders to develop effective environmental programs or strategies, the Environmental Quality Education Committee offers three types of grants annually funded from the environmental license tag income and disseminated through the grant programs: $500 environmental education grant for K-12 Oklahoma teachers or youth group leaders for projects intended to promote new enthusiasm for the practice of environmental education. Activities qualifying for this grant include classroom education materials, supplies for specific lesson plans, films and videos, continuing education (limited), resource trunks, outdoor classroom development, and others. (Usually offered in early fall) $200 field trip grant for grade 9-12 public school teachers wanting their students to see sound environmental programs in action, receive first-hand information on pollution prevention methods, and learn about potential careers in a variety of environmental areas. Students will be exposed to hands-on learning during visits to such locations as a new and innovative recycling facility, a manufacturing site, a state-of-the-art landfill, an oilfield remediation site, or a wastewater treatment plant. (Usually offered in early winter)

(2) The Weyerhaeuser Excellence in Recycling Award is annually co-sponsored by the State Department of Education and the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality created by the Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation. Ten Oklahoma schools are selected through an application process to receive a $1,000 grant for recognition of excellent recycling or waste reduction programs already in place, assistance in expanding such programs or support for new programs.

To request more information you can write to us at:
P.O. Box 1677, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1677

or call us at:

Customer Services Division, 405-702-1000.

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Water Quality Division, 405-702-8100

Land Protection Division, 405-702-5100

For Press Releases or Media Relations contact Skylar McElhaney at: 405-702-7167