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Edible Gardens Publication

Edible Gardens Publication w/o Appendices


Edible Gardens Apendices (Publications not part of PDF file above)

Additional Resources

Planning Your Garden
Curriculum Connections
Children’s Literature
Resource Books & Periodicals
School Composting and Vermicomposting
Funding Opportunities
Oklahoma Educational Contacts


Organic Gardening’s “Constructing a Beanstalk Fort”(Ag in the Classroom)
“Play with Your Food” (Ag in the Classroom activity)
“Be a Food Explorer” (Ag in the Classroom recipes)
“Plant Parts We Eat” (Ag in the Classroom activity)

Green Teacher Activities

“Glorious Weeds”
“A Permaculture School Garden"

American Rivers How-Tos Catching the Rain

Rain Barrels
Rain Gardens
Green Roofs