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The Oklahoma Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Commission (OHMERC) recently produced an updated Shelter-In-Place pamphlet which is attached to this letter. Shelter-In-Place is a means to safeguard the public in chemical emergencies within homes and businesses and is a viable alternative to evacuation in some situations, including chemical or biological terrorism. While there is a clear need for citizens to understand Shelter-In-Place procedures and to plan in advance for them, the OHMERC receives no funding of any kind. Therefore, the updated pamphlet is being released to you and other stakeholders in emergency response to distribute in your communities. Oklahoma Emergency Management has determined that DOT grants for training disbursed to LEPC's may be used to fund the printing and distribution of these brochures. Other monies possibly related to counter-terrorism measures may be available as well and commercial sponsorship is another possibility. The OHMERC also suggests extra efforts be taken to reach the disabled or others with special needs. To assist you in distributing the Shelter-In-Place information the OHMERC suggests contacting the following groups:

•  Civic groups such as Kiwanis and Rotary

•  Schools

•  Daycares

•  Nursing homes

•  Industry groups, for example, pipeline groups and transporters

•  Residents of neighborhoods and areas near major chemical facilities

•  Churches, especially those providing "Meals On Wheels"

•  Daily living centers

•  Local chapter of "Oklahomans for Independent Living"

•  Local Vocational-Rehabilitative Services Office

•  Home Health Care Services

The final pamphlet contains a cut out section outlining Shelter-In-Place procedures sized to fit into a wallet or to easily be posted in homes and public places. There also is a place for your organization's name and contact information or the name of a commercial sponsor. The pamphlet is formatted in Adobe Acrobat, and Acrobat Reader is a free download available at:

This document was produced as a public service. While every effort was taken to assure its accuracy, the OHMERC or the DEQ assume no responsibility for its use. If for any reason you should have difficulty printing the Shelter-In-Place brochure or have questions about its content or distribution, contact Clifton Hoyle, Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality, 405-702-5100.