Recyclers - Statewide

The DEQ does not endorse any of the businesses listed in this directory. We recommend that you call any of the businesses listed for more information. We do not come out and provide service to pick up either recycling or Household Hazardous Waste.

Please clean containers before recycling and also bring only listed materials NO TRASH!

Electronics Recyclers are listed here.

We do need your assistance if you see a recycling business that is not listed or is no longer open. Please contact us at the Department of Environmental Quality, P.O. Box 1677 Oklahoma City, OK. 73101-1677, (405) 702-5295, or Bryce Hulsey

ABC – Aluminum Beverage Container
AF – Antifreeze
Al– Aluminum
AP – Auto Parts
AR– Auto Radiators
ATF-Automatic Transmission Fluid
BAT – Battery
BKB – Brown Kraft Paper Bags
BR – Brass
FP – Foam Pad
CPO – Computer Printout Paper
CR – Copper
CTS – Clothes and Shoes
FL – Fishing Line
FM - Ferrous Metals
GL – Glass
HBB – Hard Back Books
Hg - Mercury
MT – Metal
NFM - Non Ferous Metals
OCC – Corrugated Cardboard
OCT - Old Car Tags
OFP – Office Paper
OMG – Magazines
ONP – News Paper
Pb– Lead
PL – Plastic
SC – Clean Steel
SS – Stainless Steel
TB – Telephone Books
TC – Tin Cans
TO – Toner Cartridges
UO – Motor Oil
WCD – Wood Chips
WD – Wood
WG – White Goods-Metal appliances regardless of color
WOFP – White Office Paper
YW – Yard Waste


Advanced Auto
Used oil

Batteries Plus Store Locator

Batliner Recycling
320 N. McCormick Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
Office: (405) 262-5858
Sales Associate Casey Moore 405-200-1209 or cell 405-210-5592
Fax: (405) 917-9793
MRF, Commercial and business recycling, document destruction, recycling equipment Materials facilities call or e-mail for details

Hunter's Battery Warehouse
514 SW 25th
Oklahoma City, OK 73109
(800) 256-6777 or (405) 631-5561
Type of Business:?
Materials accepted: BAT

O'Reilly Auto Parts
Check the O'Reilly Web Page for a store near you.
Materials accepted: UO, BAT, ATF

Auto parts recycling

Oklahoma auto parts recyclers

United Recycling Group

Oils Recovery
308 N. Fonshill
Materials accepted:
used oil, filters, antifreeze and waste water

Thermo Fluids
14440 N.W. 122nd
Calumet, Ok 73014
Materials accepted: used oil, filters, antifreeze

CFL Mailin site

Carpet recovery effort

Here is a website that you can enter what you wish to recycle and it will tell you where you can take it.

also see

Healthcare Compliance Service
P.O. Box 111238
Palm Bay, FL 32911-1238
Phone 888-726-8505 Fax 321-725-0249
Type of service: Mail back
Materials accepted: waste amalgam, lead, and photo chemical

U.S. Post Offices may have recycle bins for paper and small electronics.

Lowes stores click on link for locations and materials recycled.

State of Oklahoma Recycling Program

Vehicle donation

Paper shredding:

Sites that recycle mercury thermostats Brochure explaining service

Smoke detectors


Please clean containers before recycling and also bring only listed materials NO TRASH!