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Sod House
Phone Book Recycling Information
phone books



Cities of OKC, Norman, MWC and Edmond all take phonebooks in the Curbside, Norman also takes them at their drop-off centers. Yukon and Mustang  will accept them in their programs.


What are the issues?


With the availability of reliable online resources, fewer people are using phone books with each passing year. However, more than 650,000 tons of phone books are still delivered annually to households across the United States.  While a third of all phone books are recycled 410,000 tons still find their way to landfills or energy-from-waste facilities, costing taxpayers about $60 million each year in management costs. Phone book recycling also presents operational challenges, as directories are often distributed with materials that contaminate the recycling process, such as magnets and plastics. Even if they are recycled at the end of their lives phone books are produced with virgin resources, require energy for production and transportation, and financial burdens for collection and recycling are borne by local governments. Source: Product Steward Institute

What can you do? Try the opt out program!