Eurecat US, Inc.



EPA ID No: OKD987097151
  100 Steven Taylor Blvd.
Address:  P.O. Box 789
  McAlester, OK 74502
Facility Contact: Marilyn Warren
  (918) 558-6119

Eurecat US, Inc. (formerly known as Tricat, Inc.) . is located in the Taylor Industrial Park in McAlester, Oklahoma. The facility uses a proprietary process to regenerate spent refinery and petrochemical catalyst for reuse. The spent catalyst is delivered to the facility in closed containers. These alumina and/or silica catalysts are contaminated with petroleum constituents, sulfur, and heavy metals. Through a relatively low temperature thermal process, the hydrocarbons and sulfur are driven off and removed through a series of dry and wet scrubbing units. After processing, the recycled catalyst is returned to its owner for reuse. At the end of the catalyst’s life (three to six cycles), the catalyst is partially reclaimed at Eurecat and sent to

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