EQ Oklahoma
(f.k.a. A Clean Environment, Perma-Fix Treatment Services)

EQ Oklahoma


EPA ID No:  OKD000402396
Address:  2700 South 25th West Avenue
  Tulsa, OK 74107
Facility Contact: Craig Erickson
  (918) 560-5269

EQ Oklahoma (formerly known as A Clean Environment, Perma-Fix Treatment Services, Inc., Chemical Resources, Inc. and Residual Technologies, Inc.) has a hazardous waste permit authorizing storage and treatment of hazardous wastes in tanks and storage of hazardous waste in containers. The wastes managed at the facility are treated by neutralization and/or solidification, and residuals are sent off-site for disposal. The facility is also installing waste water treatment equipment for discharge of wastewaters to the City of Tulsa POTW.

NOTE: some of the permit files may take some time to download because of their size.