Commercial Hazardous Waste Receiving Sites in Oklahoma

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The following Oklahoma facilities are permitted to accept off-site hazardous waste. Each facility may accept the waste types and quantities specified in their Hazardous Waste Operations Permit. For additional information about these facilities, contact the Land Protection Division of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality at (405) 702-5100 and ask for the project manager for that facility.


Attn: Rob Boyd, 2700 South 25th West Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74107

EQ Oklahoma (formerly known as A Clean Environment, Perma-Fix Treatment Services, Inc., Chemical Resources, Inc. and Residual Technologies, Inc.) operates storage and treatment tanks and container storage. The wastes managed at the facility are treated by neutralization and/or solidification and residuals are sent off-site for disposal. A Clean Environment has a DEQ hazardous waste treatment and storage permit to operate tanks and ancillary equipment for storage and treatment. The facility is also installing waste water treatment equipment for discharge of aqueous wastewaters to the City of Tulsa POTW.


Attn: Lee Grater, Rural Route 2, Box 170, Waynoka, OK 73860-9622

The Clean Harbors Environmental Services Lone Mountain facility is located in Major County, south of Waynoka and west of Fairview. The Lone Mountain facility stores, treats, recycles and disposes of a wide variety of hazardous wastes. The largest-scale activities are disposal, treatment, and storage. Storage occurs in tanks, roll-off boxes, drums, and similar containers. Treatment processes include pH adjustment, stabilization and blending for solidification. Disposal is limited to disposal of solid wastes meeting the Land Disposal Restrictions, in RCRA-permitted landfill cells. This facility has previously been operated by Safety-Kleen, Laidlaw and U.S.P.C.I.

SAFETY-KLEEN SYSTEMS, INC. - Tulsa & Wheatland, OK

Attn: Jack Lancaster, 16319 East Marshal Street, Tulsa, OK 74116
Attn: Royce Robertson, P.O. Box 128, Wheatland, OK 73097-0128
(918)234-5185 (Tulsa), (405)745-2025 (Wheatland)
OKD000763821 (Tulsa), OKD980878474 (Wheatland)

Safety-Kleen Systems (S-K) operates throughout the United States including the two service centers and one transfer station in Oklahoma. The Wheatland facility services the western half of the state, while the Tulsa facility services the eastern half. S-K sells or leases mineral spirits, solvents and washing equipment to a variety of clients, and transports and collects the used solvents, paint wastes, used oil and photochemical waste. The S-K service centers accumulate and store spent solvents in tanks, and other wastestreams in containers prior to transportation to the S-K recycling center in Denton, TX. At Denton, TX, the material is recycled for return to their customers as usable product. This recycling service also includes hazardous waste from small quantity generators under contractual agreement.


Attn: Gordon Frampton, P.O. Box 789, McAlester, OK 74502

Tricat, Inc. (Tricat) is located in the Taylor Industrial Park in McAlester, Oklahoma. The facility uses a propriety process to regenerate spent refinery and petrochemical catalyst for reuse. The spent catalyst is delivered to the facility in closed containers. These alumina and/or silica catalysts are contaminated with petroleum constituents, sulfur, and heavy metals. Through a relatively low temperature thermal process, the hydrocarbons and sulfur are driven off and removed through a series of dry and wet scrubbing units. After processing, the recycled catalyst is returned to its owner for reuse. At the end of the catalystís life (three to six cycles), the catalyst is pre-reclaimed at Tricat and sent to other businesses engaged in metals recovery.