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Public review and comment on any permit application under review is encouraged. Files of all issued permits and permit applications under consideration are available for public review at our office. Permit files of facilities in Tulsa County are located at our office in Tulsa.

Oklahoma City Office:

Regional Office at Tulsa:

Air Quality Division

Air Quality Division

Oklahoma DEQ

Oklahoma DEQ

707 N. Robinson

3105 East Skelly, Ste 200

Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1677

Tulsa Oklahoma, OK 74105

Visitor parking moved East of the building,
directly across Robinson Avenue

Map and Directions

Written comments about permit applications under review that have a signature and return address will receive a written reply with a copy of the final permit determination.

  • To search the public review lists, use the "Find" function in the "Edit" menu of your browser or the "Ctrl+F" shortcut.

  • "Status Date" signifies the date the "Last Status" was effective.

  • File names on the Permit Draft and the Issued PSD pages correspond to permit numbers.

  • Permit applications are assigned identification numbers as shown in the following examples:

97-123-C or

2013-1234-C (M-1) (PSD)

First two or four numbers (97, 2013) represent the year that the application for this facility was first received.

Next three or four numbers (123 or 1234) represent the order that this application was received in that year.

Letter suffix (C) identifies the type of permit as follows:


Construction Permit


Operating Permit


Title V Operating Permit


Notice of Intent


Applicability Determination (evaluation of whether a permit is needed)


Relocation Permit


De Minimus


MACT Determination


Acid Rain


Title V Renewal

Modification number (M-1) signifies that this facility has been physically modified and/or that the terms of the permit have changed.

Suffix (PSD) indicates that this permit has been evaluated under the Prevention of Significant Deterioration program.

If further assistance with permitting matters is required, please contact the Permitting Section at (405) 702-4100.

Page last updated: November 14, 2016

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