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Air Quality Council Meeting


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Location: OSU at Tulsa
Tulsa, OK

Proposed New Rule: Subchapter 44
Mercury Emissions From Coal-Fired Electric Steam Generating Units

There are three proposed options for a new Subchapter 44 for the control of Mercury emissions from Coal-fired Electric Generation Units:

Option 1
The first option is to incorporate by reference the federal Clean Air Mercury Rule (CAMR, which is available for review).  The Department is specifically requesting comments concerning the most appropriate method of allocating, distributing, setting aside and reserving the Mercury allocations.

Option 2
A second option is to adopt the model rule issued in November by the State and Local Air Program Administrators and Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officials (STAPPA/ALAPCO).

Option 3
The third option for Subchapter 44 is a rewrite of the federal CAMR with state developed timelines and requirements, if requested and developed by stakeholders.   This approach may require special legislative and/or EPA approval.  The Department would require cooperation and assistance from the stakeholders to complete this rulemaking, and may pursue this course of action if comments from the stakeholders indicate such a preference.

Comments Received More Than Five Days Prior to Air Quality Council Meeting

    US Environmental Protection Agency, April 10, 2006

            - Staff Responses

Page Last Updated: October 5, 2006

Subchapter 44:
Proposed Mercury Rule


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