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Revisions to Test Methods, Performance Specifications, and Testing Regulations for Air Emission Sources

Final Rule Signed August 5, 2016: The final "revisions" rule allows source owners and operators of stationary spark ignition internal combustion engines to continue to use Methods 18 and 320 and ASTM D6348-03 to measure VOC but requires reporting of all QA/QC data. See Subpart JJJJ, Section 60.4245(d) and Table 2.

For Method 18, results from Sections 8.4 and must be reported.

For Method 320, results from Sections 8.6.2, 9.0 and 13.0 must be reported.

For ASTM D6348-03, results of all QA/QC procedures in Annexes 1-7 must be reported.

In the preamble to the final "revisions" rule, EPA states that it will revisit the above decision and make a subsequent determination of the appropriateness of the use of Method 320 and/or ASTM D6348 during the first risk and technology review evaluation for stationary spark ignition internal combustion engines. Updated August 30, 2016


DEQ believes that a strong compliance/enforcement program is one of our highest priorities and is necessary to an effective regulatory system.

The AQD Compliance/Enforcement sections are responsible for conducting inspections of air pollution sources, responding to citizens complaints, observing and evaluating emission tests, tracking and evaluating excess emissions/malfunctions and the implementation of a host of federal requirements.

Below are links to a variety of technical and policy documents that are relevant to our administration of the compliance/enforcement program. Please check back often for updates and information regarding this important aspect of our air quality program.

Page Last Updated: September 21, 2015

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