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Clean Diesel Workshop


The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) held a Clean Diesel workshop for school districts and trash truck owners on October 23, 2008. This workshop covered the health effects of diesel exhaust, provided an overview of diesel emission retrofits being funded through this program, and addressed details of the program and funding. Representatives from the retrofit manufacturers attended and provided specific product information and were able to answer questions.

Attendance was encouraged but not required to apply for funding. For those who were unable to attend the workshop, the Powerpoint presentations, the questions that were posed to the Clean Diesel staff, and the contact information for the retrofit companies that attended are posted below. There are additional companies with verified technology that were unable to attend; those companies are listed at the EPA and CARB websites.

Oklahoma Clean Diesel Workshop-DEQ presentation

Asthma & the Environment-American Lung Association presentation
Idling Reduction-DEQ presentation
Retrofit Presentation-Cummins Southern Plains presentation
(DEQ is manufacturer neutral and encourages all applicants to choose technology that best fits the needs of their fleet)
Oklahoma Clean Diesel Grant Program-DEQ presentation

Exhibitor contact information:

Heather Messer
Program Coordinator
American Lung Association of the Central States
3160 W. Britton Rd., Suite E
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
(p) 405-748-4674
(f) 405-748-6274

Dick Himes
Operations Manager
Cummins Southern Plains
5800 W. Reno
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
(p) 405-946-4481
(c) 405-206-5584
(f) 405-946-3336

Scot Nair
Sr. Territory Manager- Southeast, Exhaust/Emissions
Donaldson Filtration Solutions
614 Peach Place
Loganville, GA 30052
(p) 404-374-2200

Larry Tatarowicz
Regional Sales Manager
Engine Control Systems
217 Fresh Meadow Drive
Trophy Club, TX 76262
(p) 214-717-1149

Angelo J. Gioia
Sales Representative
626 10th Ave.
New Hyde Park, NY 11040-5435
(p) 760-218-5042

DEQ is manufacturer neutral and encourages all applicants to choose the technology that best fits the needs of their fleet.


Question 1:

If we have an existing maintenance contract in place that was secured through our internal bidding procedures, can we get a single estimate from the company that already holds our maintenance contract or do we need to rebid the retrofit work?

Answer A:


It is required that you follow a competitive process for obtaining contracts for products and services and conduct cost and price analyses to the extent required in 40 CFR Parts 30 or 31, as well as any regulations covered by state, local, or internal procurement requirements. You are not required to identify contractors or consultants in your application. If you have named a specific contractor or consultant in your application DEQ approves, it does not relieve you of your obligations to comply with competitive procurement requirements and any regulations covered by federal, state, local, or internal procurement requirements.

Answer B:


If you need further information/clarification please contact Tracy Rudisill at 405-702-4100.

Question 2:

The seven-year requirement seems overly burdensome, especially for municipal waste trucks. Some municipalities retire their waste trucks after seven or eight years of front-line duty. Would the DEQ consider reducing the requirement to five years?

Answer A:


For the 2008 funding, the DEQ has reduced the requirement for this funding to 5 years.

Question 3:

Some municipalities haul their waste to transfer stations and the waste is loaded into trailers that are pulled to the landfill by tractor rigs with diesel engines. Would these diesel tractor rigs be eligible for the DEQ grant for retrofitting?

Answer A:


For the 2008 funding, eligible vehicles are limited to school buses and trash trucks. Tractor rigs would not be eligible.

Question 4:

Some universities have buses that they use to transport students for various purposes. Would these be eligible for a DEQ retrofit grant?

Answer A:


For the 2008 funding, eligible entities are limited to public school districts and municipalities. Public and private universities are not eligible.

Question 5:

Is there a page limit when applying for the Clean Diesel Grant funding?

Answer A:

There is no page minimum or maximum, see Section IV, Part B of the Grant Announcement -"Applicants must follow the instructions carefully and submit all documents required by the closing date and time. Additionally, when writing your application, please refer to Section V of this announcement for the Evaluation Criteria used to score applications. There is no specific page minimum or maximum; however, the following materials are required and applications must be typed."

Question 6:

My school bus parts already come via a competitive bid process. Would I be required to do a separate RFP for this?

Answer A:

As long as the current contract encompasses these kind of products, allows for this addition & was established using a competitive bid process, you are in line with the grant terms and it will not require a separate RFP.

Question 6:

Do I have to go through the bid process as described in the Grant Announcement to apply for the grant?

Answer A:


You do not have to do the bid process to apply for the grant, obtaining quotes are acceptable. However, if you are awarded the grant you must adhere to the bid process described in the Grant Announcement. Keep in mind, if the quotes that were obtained in the application process and approved by DEQ are lower than the amounts received in the bid process, you are responsible for the additional funds.

Question 7:

Due to the timelines that our Board works within, we likely won't be able to adhere to 90 day installation requirement. Should this information be included in the application and will this be a problem?

Answer A:

Though the requirement to have the equipment installed within 90 days of signing the agreement with DEQ is preferred, extensions of this requirement can be requested in writing to our Division Director. It is recommended that you include any such timeline issues in your application.

For more information on retrofits and the funding available, contact the DEQ Clean Diesel Staff at 405-702-4100.

Page last updated: October 3, 2011


Clean Diesel Workshop


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