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Appendices to Regional Haze & Transport SIPs 2013 Revision


Appendix I AEP/PSO Settlement Agreement

Appendix II Revised BART Determination, including Supplemental BART
Determination Information submitted by AEP/PSO

DEQ's Revised BART Determination June 13, 2013

AEP/PSO Submittal:

Supplemental Information Cover letter

Supplemental BART Determination Information

CALPuff Modeling Protocol

NE3 Cost Estimate Summary

Modeling Files (zip file)

Appendix III PSO Regional Haze Agreement, DEQ Case No. 10-025 (February 10, 2010), as amended by the First Amended Regional Haze Agreement, DEQ Case No. 10-025 (March 2013)

Appendix IV Notice of Public Hearing and Opportunity to Comment

Appendix V Comments Received

  FLM and State Contact Lists
  FLM and State Email Notification
      Preliminary Public Notice
  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  U.S. Forest Service
  American Electric Power/Public Service Company of Oklahoma (AEP/PSO)
  Attorney General of Oklahoma Hearing Delay Request, Rec'd 5/16/13
  Carrie Dickerson Foundation/Sierra Club Prepared Hearing Statement
  Chesapeake Energy Corporation
  Compilation of Emailed Citizens' Comments
  Devon Energy Corporation
  Document Submitted by AEP/PSO
  Dogwood Energy Corporation, LLC
  Oklahoma Industrial Energy Consumers
  Oklahoma Attorney General's Office Fax
  Oklahoma Attorney General's Office
  Oklahoma Sierra Club
  Quality of Service Coalition
  Sierra Club
      Attachment: Ex. 1 PSO Response to Sierra Club Data Request
  Oklahoma Secretary of Energy
  Oklahoma Secretary of Environment
  State Chamber of Oklahoma
  Susan Schmidt Prepared Hearing Statement
  Trinity Consultants Prepared Hearing Statement
  Sierra Club Members & Supports-Compiled Online Comments

Appendix VI Hearing Transcript, Sign-in Sheets , Hearing Certification and Comment Forms

Appendix VII Summary of Comments and Responses - FLM & Public Comments

Appendix VIII Other Submittal Documents

  Legal Authority
  Secretary of Environment Designation Letter
  Request for Parallel Processing (proposal)
  Public Participation Process Submittal Letter
  AQD Public Participation Process
  EPA Public Participation Process Concurrence




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