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Regional Haze
SIP 2010 Appendices

The following appendices complete Oklahoma's official submission of its Regional Haze State Implementation Plan. (February 2, 2010)

Appendix 1-1: Oklahoma Administrative Code and Statutes

Appendix 4-1: 2002 Oklahoma Emissions Inventory &
Appendix 4-2: Technical Support Document for CENRAP Emissions and Air Quality Modeling to Support Regional Haze State Implementation Plans

Appendix 6-1: Oklahoma's BART Rule and Administrative Materials

Appendix 6-2: CENRAP BART Modeling Guidelines (CALPUFF Modeling Protocol)

Appendix 6-3: Waivers from BART based on dispersion modeling

Appendix 6-4: BART analysis for each facility required to install BART

Appendix 6-5: Regional Haze Agreements

Appendix 8-1: Estimated Oklahoma Emissions Inventory for 2018

Appendix 10-1: State Consultation Correspondence

Appendix 10-2: Federal Land Managers Comments and DEQ Responses

Appendix 10-3: Public Hearing Documents

Appendix 10-4: Additional Comments from the Public and DEQ Responses

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