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Contains specific instructions and advice (including screen grabs) for using Redbud to submit emissions inventories electronically.

Internet Explorer Compatibility View

Customers using IE 10 and 11 with problems such as: seeing numbers in fields that should display text, fields that are cut off and not displaying all of the data, or if you are having problems saving work, please read Setting Compatibility View.

Emissions Inventory General Instructions


This important document gives a complete overview of what is required for emissions inventories, including descriptions of the individual data fields that need to be filled out in both the hard copy Turn Around Document and in Redbud.

Emissions Inventory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Included here are different examples of the questions we receive throughout the year, and it may well be that your questions can be quickly answered here.

However, if you have a specific question about a particular set of circumstances at your facility, then we strongly recommend that you contact us. Of course, with any question or in any situation, the Air Quality Rules always apply and must always be adhered to. Subchapter 5 of OAC 252:100 is the main part of these rules that directly govern the submitting of Emissions Inventories.

General Instructions, Forms & Help

This page of our website includes additional resources that will help with completing an emissions inventory.

If you need further help or have a question that cannot be answered by the information available here, please contact the Emissions Inventory Section.

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Page Last Updated: November 9, 2018


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