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Reporting Pollutants Limited by Permit Only


Although a pollutant may not be an Oklahoma Regulated Air Pollutant (RAP), if emissions of that pollutant can be specifically limited in the Specific Conditions of the air quality permit for a facility, per Subchapter 5 of OAC 252:100 (which governs emissions inventory reporting), actual emissions of such a pollutant must be reported as part of the annual emissions inventory for that facility.

This rule requirement exists because unique circumstances or concerns may require such emission limitations to be applied. Reporting annual emissions is a key part of demonstrating compliance with such limitations.

However, in some cases a permit issued before 2004 will still limit a pollutant that was previously regulated under Subchapter 41. Although the relevant part of Subchapter 41 has now been revoked, emissions of these pollutants must still be reported per Section 2.1(b) (1) of OAC 252:100-5. Contact the AQD Permitting Unit at (405) 702-4100 to find out whether it may be possible to amend the permit to remove the particular emission limitation and therefore the Emissions Inventory reporting requirement.

Reporting Pollutants Regulated by Permit Only in Redbud
Redbud, the Oklahoma web-based emissions reporting system, contains the just over 200 compounds and compound categories that should be used when reporting emissions of Regulated Air Pollutants (RAPs) .

AQD staff have searched permits to identify situations where a pollutant that is not a current Oklahoma RAP is limited in the Specific Conditions of a facility's permit. For those relevant facilities only, the additional applicable pollutant(s) will appear at the bottom of the Redbud pollutant list with the pollutant name followed by "Report only if limited by permit." Our analysis is not guaranteed to be comprehensive, and in any case it is the responsibility of the facility owner/operator to ensure compliance with all applicable air quality regulations.

If a particular pollutant is not available in Redbud for which emissions must be reported or if you need further help with determining whether and/or how a particular pollutant should be reported, please contact the Emissions Inventory Section.

Page last updated: February 17, 2017



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