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The Air Quality Division (AQD) of the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) implements the state and federal Clean Air Acts.  These laws lay out requirements and strategies for reducing emissions and improving air quality in Oklahoma in order to protect public health and the environment.
The Air Quality Division's activities can be divided into four main areas:

(1) Monitoring Air Quality and Alerting the Public
We monitor and record the air quality across Oklahoma.  When key national standards are not met and there is a public health issue (for sensitive groups or for everybody), we warn and advise Oklahomans.  This allows them to make informed choices about their daily activities to avoid or reduce their exposure to air pollution.  When we call an Air Quality Action Day, local governments and individuals can take action to help clean the air.

(2) Working to Maintain and Improve our Air Quality
AQD researches and develops pollution prevention strategies and recommends adoption of rules to the Air Quality Council to implement these plans. AQD operates regulatory programs that realistically balance the needs of all the state's stakeholders, promotes compliance efforts and enforces the Oklahoma Air Quality Rules when necessary.

(3) Informing and Assisting the Public and Industry
AQD strives to communicate easily accessible air quality information and resources to the public.  We provide outreach to all parts of the Oklahoma community, such as education and different regulated industries, and to the general public through advertising campaigns.

(4) Responding to Public Concerns and Complaints
Together with our colleagues in Environmental Complaints & Local Services, we work to quickly respond to public concerns and complaints about air quality.

The Division structure and management contacts can be obtained from:

Last Updated: September 17, 2010

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