WEBCO Industries is a manufacturer of steel tubing with approximately 350 employees at its facility in Sands Springs, Oklahoma. With senior management commitment WEBCO implemented a waste minimization program in 1991. The facility called on the services provided by technical assistance providers (at both the state environmental agency and local university) to assist in achieving program goals.


Improvements As one of the largest generators of hazardous waste in Oklahoma, WEBCO was motivated to make significant changes to improve efficiency. Some of the steps the facility undertook were:

  • improved process controls
  • process changes and modifications
  • equipment modification
  • raw material substitution
  • employee training and awareness
  • inventory control


Savings/Benefits Using the suggestions of technical assistance providers, and combining these with improved technology, material substitution and process controls WEBCO was able to increase sulfuric acid bath life by 50% and decrease the waste generated (by that process) 57% from 1987 to 1995. Additionally, sulfuric acid waste to production ratio was reduced from 9.96% in 1993 to 6.67% in 1994. These process controls resulted in savings of $75,000 in waste disposal costs, during the first 2 years, for an investment cost of $43,000.

Other benefits include:

  • elimination of deep well injection through recycling ($12,000 annual savings)
  • elimination of solvent cleaning processes (savings of $8,000 in operational costs and 18 man-hours/week, $18,000 equipment cost)
  • reduction in non-hazardous sludge ($35,000 annual savings, $25,000 project cost)
  • increased bath life for sodium stearate lubricant (6 years), reduction in sludge disposal from 600 drums per year to 200 drums at after 6 years.

WEBCO Industries
Woodland Dr.
Box 100
Sand Springs, OK 74063-8500

Waste Stream: Sulfuric acid, cleaning solvents, waste water pretreatment sludge.