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Tier 2 Information

***Click here for a current listing of Companies/Individuals filing Tier 2 Reports In Oklahoma*** - Updated 9/1/2014

***Click here to search for a Tier II facility by name on our mapping application*** - Updated 9/1/2014

Current Oklahoma Requirements for EPCRA Tier 2 Filing
--Tier 2 reports are submitted to DEQ only; DEQ distributes to LEPCs and Fire Departments.
--Tier 2 reports must be submitted electronically to DEQ via the Internet.
--Tier 2 reports must be prepared using the EPA Tier 2 Submit software.

Download and Install Tier 2 Submit 2013 Software

Click here to download the Tier2 Submit 2013 Software

Each year EPA revises the Tier 2 Submit Software. Therefore, you must install a new version each year. The correct software for the current filing is Tier 2 Submit 2013. Download it using the link above. Contact Tom Bergman at 405-702-1013 if you need assistance.

After installing Tier2 Submit software, exit the EPA page and return to this Oklahoma Tier2 page to proceed with your filing.

After successfully installing the Tier2 Submit 2013 software to your computer, you will be able to import last year’s Tier 2 report using the instructions below.

Obtaining Last Year's Tier 2 Report

You may obtain a .T2S file of last year’s report after logging onto the DEQ Tier 2 Filing Website, or by contacting Jimmy Carter at 405-702-1015 or Tom Bergman at 405-702-1013 at DEQ offices.

Search for a Tier II facility by name and see if the report latitude and longitude look correct. 

Instructions for downloading last year's report

Click here to enter the Oklahoma Tier 2 filing system (click this link ONLY after installing the Tier 2 Submit 2013 software; see link above)

Operating the Tier 2 Submit Software to create your Tier 2 report

Tier 2 Site Plans

Tier 2 Submit 2013 Software incorporates "site plans" to your filing. Site plan filing is voluntary, not required, in Oklahoma. If you wish to include a site plan with your filing, it must be attached using the Tier2 Submit 2013 software

Submitting your Tier 2 Report to DEQ

Instructions for submitting your Tier 2 Report (T2S file) to DEQ

Click here to enter the Oklahoma Tier 2 filing system (click this link ONLY after installing the Tier 2 Submit 2013 software; see link above)

2013 Tier 2 Invoicing

Your Oklahoma Tier2 filing is complete when you have printed your submission receipt and your DEQ invoice. Invoices may be paid online via credit card or mailed to the DEQ Finance Department at P.O. BOX 2036 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73101-2036.

NOTE: Do not mail payment without the associated Oklahoma DEQ Tier2 Invoice attached.

2013 Tier 2 Filing Assistance
DEQ is offering personal assistance for completing your Tier 2 filing.  Tom Bergman can help you operate the Tier 2 Submit software, import last year’s report, determine accurate Lat/Long coordinates, and submit the file via the DEQ Internet system.  You will need to bring a listing of your facility locations, contact names with phone numbers, and reportable chemicals; along with any Site Plans or other documents you wish to submit.  For many of you, processing your Tier 2 submission in person will take less than 30 minutes.

DEQ understands many of you will have questions regarding the new filing system and report information changes.  Contact us! We want to help!

You may make an appointment with Tom Bergman to file your Tier 2 report at the DEQ offices, 707 North Robinson, OKC, OK and at selected locations throughout the state. Times are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. We recommend filing early as it may be difficult to schedule an appointment after February 22 due to the large volume of reports received during the February 22 – March 1 timeframe.

Personal filing assistance with Tom Bergman is available on the following dates:

Date Location City
JAN 15; WednesdayPC Fire Dept., 516 E. GrandPonca City
JAN 22; WednesdayTulsa County Health Dept, 5051 S. 129th E. AvenueTulsa
JAN 23; ThursdayDEQ office, 1313 W Ash Suite 106Duncan
JAN 28; TuesdayEmergency Operation Center, 12 N RowePryor
JAN 29; WednesdayDEQ office, 3105 E SKELLY DR SUITE 200Tulsa
FEB 5; WednesdayLOCATION TBDLawton
FEB 6; ThursdayDEQ OFFICE; 1630 E. Beverly Suite 112Ada
FEB 12; Wednesday4600 North Martin Luther King AvenueOKC
FEB 13; Thursday2411 Williams Ave Suite 116Woodward
FEB 14; FridayDEQ office, 3105 E SKELLY DR SUITE 200Tulsa
FEB 18; TuesdayDEQ office, 3105 E SKELLY DR SUITE 200Tulsa
FEB 19; WednesdayDEQ office, 321 South 3rd Suite 5McAlester
FEB 20; ThursdayFire Station 1, 115 Rockford Rd N Ardmore

Contact Tom Bergman to schedule an appointment for any of the dates/location listed above via email or by phone 405-702-1013





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DEQ Cameo web page

Some Tier2 facilities may also be required to report under the US Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard (CFATS). For more information click here.

This page lasted updated October 20, 2014