Commonly Requested Hazardous Waste Forms and Checklists

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RCRA Subtitle C Site Identification Form (EPA Form 8700-12)

RCRA Subtitle C Site Identification Form (EPA Form 8700-12), OR you can use the Form only (If you have Acrobat Reader, you can complete the form using the hand tool. Additional Instructions for Oklahoma handlers. If you need to look up the NAICS code for your facility CLICK HERE. To convert SIC codes to NAICS codes and vice versa click here or here(SIC to NAICS) or here(NAICS To SIC). Federal Hazardous Waste Codes are found in 40 CFR 261 Subpart C (40 CFR 261.20 - 24) and Subpart D (40 CFR 261.30 - 33) or by characteristic (Subpart C) or by listing (Subpart D). EPA Guidance Document on assignment of EPA ID Numbers. Completed forms should be sent to Disposal Plans & Notifications. In Oklahoma, large quantity generators must obtain a Disposal Plan (see below).

Small quantity generators do not need to obtain a Disposal Plan but must pay a reduced Monitoring and Inspection fee of $25.00.

ALL FEES should accompany the form(s) along with a check or money order, made out to DEQ, and be mailed to: DEQ Finance, ATTN: Accounts Receivable, P.O. Box 2036, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-2036. Or to pay over the phone call the DEQ Accounts Receivable Help Desk at (405) 702-1130.

Disposal Plan Application

Hazardous Waste Disposal Plan Application and Instructions Hazardous Waste Disposal Plan Application Form Continuation Page (to add additional TSD Facilities or hazardous waste codes) Read the Disposal Plan FAQ or the detailed information sheet if you have any questions. If the Excel spreadsheet does not open correctly use this form. Effective October 1, 2014 applications must use the current application form. Submissions on the old form will be rejected. ALL changes to disposal plans MUST BE on one of these forms. Effective Jan 1, 2015 all submissions MUST be accompanied by payment. (A disposal plan is required for all LQG's located in Oklahoma as well as out-of-state LQG's shipping to Oklahoma).

COMPLETED FORMS and related fees should be made out to DEQ and sent to: DEQ Finance, ATTN: Accounts Receivable, P.O. Box 2036, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-2036. Or to pay over the phone call the DEQ Accounts Receivable Help Desk at (405) 702-1130.

Hazardous Waste Transporter Registration

As of July 1, 2000, the Department of Environmental Quality no longer registers Hazardous Waste Transporters. This duty is now performed by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC). The contact person at OCC is Sherri
Hensler, (405) 521-2915. DEQ will continue to enforce 40 CFR Part 263 as well as the remaining parts of the Oklahoma Administrative Code dealing with transportation (252:205-7-2 through 252:205-7-4).

Hazardous Waste Quarterly Report

Hazardous Waste Quarterly Report Form (Instructions) —(Required of all Oklahoma LQG's). The 2017 version of this form has been converted to a writable PDF. If you wish, you can use the Excel version of this form HERE. To convert this form to open in older versions of Excel download this program. If you need to revise previously submitted report write REVISED by the EPA ID No.

Send completed forms to DEQ Attention Jon King

Hazardous Waste Monthly Report

2016 Hazardous Waste TSD Monthly Report Form (Instructions)Access Template for Monthly ReportsAccess 2003 Database file for Monthly Reports — List of Handling Codes from 40 CFR 262 appendix I. (If you have Acrobat Reader, you can complete the PDF version of the form using the hand tool. Click on the hand on the Tool Bar. When the hand is over an area that will accept data, it changes to an I-bar. Over a check box, it changes to a pointing finger.)
(Required of all permitted TSD Facilities).

Send completed forms to DEQ, Attention Carol Bartlett

Part A Application (EPA Form 8700-23)

EPA Hazardous Waste Permit Application Part A Form (EPA Form 8700-23) and Form Instructions — If you need to look up the NAICS code for your facility, CLICK HERE. This form cannot be completed using Acrobat Reader and is best viewed in Acrobat Version 6 or higher.

Once completed, this form should be sent to the DEQ, Attention Mike Edwards

2017 Biennial Report Forms and Instructions

The State of Oklahoma is consistent with the Federal Regulations and only requires Biennial Reports (also known as the Hazardous Waste Report) every other year [40 CFR 262.41 and 264.75] for Large Quantity Generators and TSDF's (including TSDF's in closure and post closure). A report is also required from small quantity generators who generated large quantity waste amounts episodically during the year. The Biennial Report covers odd numbered calendar years, and is due by March 1st of even numbered years, (the 2017 Report will be due March 1, 2018). A letter will be mailed January 2018 explaining how to complete the forms.

2017 Biennial Report form and instructions

RCRAInfo Industry Application Help and Guidance

Electronic Biennial Report


Reportable and non-reportable wastes

Form for recipients of Biennial Report letter who did not generate, store, treat or dispose of hazardous waste.

If you have questions about the 2017 Biennial Report contact Tory Smith

DEQ Form 205-15 Used Fluorescent Bulbs Notice and Commitment

Small Quantity Generator Handbook (External link to EPA)

Checklists and Inspection Forms

Inspection Forms

Inspection Record

TSD Landfill

Storage Tank Inspection Checklist Large Quantity Generator Inspection Checklist
Containment Building Inspection Checklist Small Quantity Generator Inspection Checklist
Drip Pad Conditionally Exempt SQG Inspection Checklist
Subpart CC Summary
TSD Groundwater Monitoring  
TSD General
Permitting Checklists
RCRA Permitting Checklist which includes all STATE requirements  
Part B ApplicationCorrective Action Management Unit
Storage Tank Permitting ChecklistSolid Waste Management Unit Permitting Checklist
Containers Storage Permitting ChecklistMiscellaneous Units Permitting Checklist
Waste Piles Permitting ChecklistTransfer Station Permitting Checklist
Landfill Permitting ChecklistLand Treatment Permitting Checklist
Incinerator Permitting ChecklistSurface Impoundment Permitting Checklist
40 CFR 264 Subpart AA Permitting Checklist40 CFR 264 Subpart DD Permitting Checklist
40 CFR 264 Subpart BB Permitting ChecklistHazardous Waste Contingency Plan Outline
  Model Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan from the Ohio EPA

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