Vance Air Force Base (VAFB) located in Enid, Oklahoma has a mission to produce military pilots (200 during fiscal year 1997). VAFB is located on 4,934 acres with 142 buildings. There are approximately 2,450 employees at VAFB (1050 military, 200 civil service, 1,200 Northrop/contract). The base mission also involves aircraft maintenance and civil engineering activities.

Improvements The Pollution Prevention Program was implemented in 1990 as a tool for achieving compliance with state and federal regulations. Improvements have been noted in the following areas:

Savings/Benefits From 1992 to 1995 the following reductions have been noted:

Vance Air Force Base
246 Brown Parkway, Suite 230
Vance AFB, OK 73705-5036

Waste stream: tank bottoms, spent solvents, air emissions, solid waste