Tinker Air Force Base (TAFB) is the home of the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center (OC-ALC). The base is a heavily industrialized and urbanized facility of 761 buildings, covers 5,000 acres and is the largest single employer in the state. TAFB provides worldwide technical logistics support to Air Force weapons systems. There are 20,000 employees at TAFB (11,851 civilians and 7,256 military personnel). OC-ALC performs depot level maintenance on more than 110 aircraft and more than 1,100 engines from 11 major commands annually.

Improvements The environmental management team at TAFB has established a goal of "zero discharge" of hazardous chemicals by 2000. Partnerships with state and federal agencies, private industry and academia are helping to achieve this goal. Improvements have been noted in the following areas:

Savings/Benefits Most projects have a payback period of less than three years. Some of the benefits achieved under the coordination of the environmental management team include :

Tinker Air Force Base
3000 S Douglas Blvd.
Midwest City, OK 73150

Waste stream: chromium, methylene chloride, waste water, air emissions