The City of Guymon

(population approximately 9,000) is located in the Panhandle of Oklahoma. When new industry moved into the city the existing waste water treatment facility was unable to maintain compliance with state and federal standards. Prior to this time the City used a mechanical treatment plant with three lagoons which discharged into the Beaver River. Average rainfall in this area is 16-19 inches annually, the topography is flat and the soil is exceptional for crops


In 1995 the City of Guymon constructed a new land application treatment facility. The new facility is environmentally sound and shows a stewardship of the land far beyond the more widely used mechanical aeration treatment and discharge system.


Funding for the new facility ($5.2 million over two years) was obtained through state and federal grants. Some of the benefits of the new facility are:

Land application of waste water begins with anaerobic lagoon and sequential batch reactor treatment. The treated water is applied to the land by an irrigation sprinkler system. The City has irrigated 2000 acres of land and leased 320 acres for corn production in 1996. Additionally, the cost of land application of waste water is much less than the cost of production of fresh replacement water.


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