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What is the Environmental Performance & Recognition Program?

The Environmental Performance and Recognition Program (EPRP) is a voluntary Program.

  • Designed to support and assist all Oklahoma businesses to achieve environmental excellence through continuous improvement and effective energy management
  • Encourages integration of environmental excellence into business operations and management practices through the establishment of a prevention-based environmental management system
  • Large and small organizations may participate
  • Administered by the Pollution Prevention Program with guidance from the Pollution Prevention Advisory Group


The basic premise of the EPRP is that waste is the result of inefficiency and by reducing waste, an organization can increase its productivity and therefore, its profits. Waste that is never created does not pollute.

  • The EPRP emphasizes the establishment of a system to provide a framework for continuous environmental improvement that will assure compliance and reduce or eliminate pollution. The EPRP is based on the Malcolm Baldrige Business Performance Excellence Criteria and the Oklahoma Quality Award Foundation program.
  • The EPRP helps participants integrate environmental decision making into core business practices.

What is Environmental Excellence?

Environmental excellence means that an organization:

  • Demonstrate best-in-class environmental performance, beyond mere compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations.
  • Considers activities such as compliance assurance and continuous improvement of processes, products and services to significantly reduce or eliminate impacts to the environment and worker health and safety on an ongoing basis.
  • Takes a broader look at the organization's activities beyond the boundaries of the facility in a stewardship role such as interaction and support of community, product and process life-cycle analysis, resource efficiency, environmental enhancement and sustainability.

Who Should Participate in this Program?

  • Any business, organization or community will benefit by participating in the Environmental Performance and Recognition Program, regardless of size.
  • Any operation that generates waste or uses resources such as electricity or water can strive for continuous environmental improvement.
  • Communities can use the EPRP to work with local businesses to meet community environmental and economic sustainability goals.
  • Local governments can apply the EPRP to operations such as fleet maintenance, waste handling and other operations to reduce waste and save money!
  • Other types of organizations, such as economic development organizations and environmental groups, can also benefit from using the tools associated with the EPRP.

Why Apply?

  • Get an independent assessment of your organization's environmental performance.
  • Understand how your organization can reach new levels of environmental excellence while satisfying customers
  • Understand how environmental activities can be integrated into overall business practices.
  • Learn to improve efficiency and productivity by adopting proactive environmental management techniques
  • Achieve morale-boosting recognition and awards and enhance your competitive position

Pollution Prevention...the smart thing to do!

Public concern about the environment is higher than ever before

  • Customers are starting to look beyond green products to find green companies.
  • Research shows that a company's environmental reputation will rival quality and brand name as a criterion used by consumers.
  • By promoting your company's environmental practices, you can attract new customers, reinforce repeat customers, and boost employee morale.

The progression is clear - moving from awareness to project implementation to a strong, ongoing system to assure measured continuous environmental improvement.


Oklahoma Small Business Development Centers

Francis Tuttle Technology Center Business and Industry Services

Oklahoma Quality Award Foundation


What is Pollution Prevention [P2]?

Pollution prevention . . .

Means not creating a waste in the first place

Is achieved by the efficient use of resources, including raw materials, energy, water and even time and distance.

Efficient use of materials includes the amount of the material used, the type of material used, and how or even why the material is used or handled in the process. The goal is to produce a product or deliver a service as efficiently as possible, with the least amount of wasted materials, and with the least impact on worker health and safety and the environment.

In the language of business and manufacturing pollution prevention means:

  • loss prevention
  • waste reduction
  • improved efficiency
  • materials conservation
  • water conservation
  • energy efficiency
  • inventory control
  • formulation efficiency
  • inventory waste
  • quality improvement
  • zero emissions
  • green chemistry
  • energy conservation
  • renewable energy use
  • hazard reduction
  • manufacturing efficiency
  • just-in-time manufacturing
  • scrap reduction
  • good housekeeping
  • world class manufacturing
  • batch maximization (or reduction optimization)
  • continuous improvement
  • zero defects
  • quality maximization

The bottom line is that pollution prevention or improved efficiency in labor, materials, and energy use can help businesses save money and help protect the environment at the same time.