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Does DEQ have reciprocity in training with other states in Region VI (Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Lousiana, and Arkansas)?

No. Reciprocity has been discussed at national and regional EPA meetings. However, there are currently no provisions for reciprocity among the EPA Region VI states.

Do trainers continue to use the EPA RRP curriculum they have been using since the beginning of 2010?

Yes, we haven't changed the curriculum. But it could change, so we urge everyone to watch the EPA and our websites for any new information.

Do we need to change our certificate to place a DEQ logo on it?

If you wish, it is not required. Contact the Lead-Based Paint Program for a copy of our logo.

EPA required that all trainers notify them of a class at least 10 days prior to the class. Will DEQ require this and if so what is the process?

Yes, our notification requirement is 7 days.

EPA required that all trainers report the names and all data on each student that passed the course, plus a photo. Will DEQ require this and if so what is the process?

Yes, the form is on our website. Photos should be submitted electronically or on digital media. Contact Crystal Stearns at 405-702-4100 if you need more details on this.

The EPA has refresher courses required every 5 years. Will this stay the same for Certified Renovators or will they move to yearly like the other LBP Activities and Discipline?

It will stay 5 years. For the most part the DEQ RRP program is identical to the EPA program. The only substantial differences are in the way we accredit training providers, because we kept the program we had in place.

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