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Air Toxics


Ponca City Toxics Assessment

In September 2002 the Air Quality Division (AQD) began an assessment of the air toxic risk in Ponca City, Oklahoma. The project was a partnership with the Region VI (Dallas) office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the AQD portion was funded by an EPA grant.

As designed, the project had two complementary goals: to examine the accuracy of the National Air Toxics Assessment (NATA), which had indicated unusually high risk in Kay County, and to build the DEQ's capacity to conduct air toxic activities through a partnership and pilot project with EPA.

  Ponca City Air Toxics Assessment Final Report

To help address questions regarding the adequacy of air toxics emissions data or the accuracy of the modeling conducted using that data, an additional short-term air toxics monitoring project was conducted as a complement to the Ponca City assessment. Using equipment and analysis contracted from Environmental Research Group (ERG), AQD collected 30 canisters for Non-methane Organic Chemical analysis from November 11, 2003 to February 12, 2004. The samples were collected every 3 days at an existing air monitoring site in downtown Ponca City. Each sample was analyzed for Speciated Non-Methane Organic Compounds (SNMOC), a total of 77 compounds. The compounds and data can be found in the link below:

  Ponca City Air Toxics Monitoring Summary

For more information concerning the Ponca City Toxics Assessment contact Randy Ward at (405) 702-4100.

Ponca City Toxics Assessment


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